Our Passion

Osteria Rusticana evokes the heart and soul of authentic, traditional Sicilian cuisine.

Our welcoming atmosphere and flavorful menu reflect all that is Sicily

Warm, inviting sunshine, sea-kissed beaches, abundant farmlands, and a rich,
long-standing food culture, infused with the unique and special tastes and fragrances only found on this beloved Italian island.

A Tradition

The Sicilian people treasure time spent at family dinners, sharing and laughing as they gather around Mama’s kitchen table. Osteria Rusticana is proud to offer you this very experience, right here in the heart of Chicago.

A Taste of Sicily

We use the finest ingredients (many imported directly from our network of family owned Sicilian farms), and our unique recipes (based on those handwritten gems passed down through generations of Sicilian families ) to bring Sicily to you, straight from Mama’s kitchen!

Buon Pranzo!

We hope to see you soon

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